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William Barnes


About – Dr William Barnes

Dr William Barnes in an Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor.

He has special interest in a number of key areas including Inflammatory Diseases, Gut Health Autoimmune Disease, Parasites and fungal infections, Allergies, Mental Health, Chronic Fatigue, Cardiovascular Disease, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Chronic Disease in general.

Dr Barnes in a pioneer of integrative and functional medicine with nearly 40 years experience in nutritional, integrative and functional medicine practice.

Dr William Barnes -
Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor


My Name is Dr William Barnes and I have a strong interest and background in Integrative and Functional Medicine.

I have been in private Medical Practice since 1987, many of these as an Integrative and now Functional Medicine Doctor.

I previously owned and ran the Martha Hampton Clinic. This clinic was a primary practice in General Practice, Nutritional Medicine and Functional Medicine.

The Clinic provided state of the art nutritional medicine for all diseases with a special interest in cancer care, Inflammatory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, parasitic and fungal infections, allergies, Mental health, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases and heavy metal chelation.

The clinic was a leader in providing intravenous therapies , including chelation therapy. Intravenous Vitamin and mineral therapy including Vitamin C, Ozone, Selenium therapy, Intravenous herbal therapies, Curcumin, bioflavonoids , green tea extracts.

Dr Barnes is an authorised prescriber for prescription and use of Medicinal Cannabis.

Dr Barnes has extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease with a functional medicine approach.

He use’s a wide variety of diagnostic testing including traditional pathological testing and imaging to laboratory based Integrative and Functional medicine evaluation.

This includes Hair Mineral Analysis, Advanced Stool Testing, Organic Acids testing, Hormone testing, food intolerance and much more.

After 40 years of practice (Dr Barnes) I bring a vast amount of expertise to all aspects of medicine.

Please note I no longer treat cancer.


  • Bachelor of science ( physiology) BSC
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery MBchB
    Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)

Clinic Special Interests

  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Gut Health
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Parasites and fungal infections
  • Allergies
  • Mental Health
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Chronic Disease


At the present time I consult Australia wide and worldwide via Telehealth only, through Advanced Functional Medicine Australia.  PLEASE NOTE, as Dr Barnes consults via telehealth only there is NO MEDICARE REBATE on his appointments.