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New Patients

The way our clinic works with patients is somewhat different to the conventional medical model that you may be familiar with.

Please read the following information to familiarise yourself with the process.

There is a section at the end that details the fee structure and expected costs.

Become a patient

All practitioners at Advanced Functional Medicine follow a functional medicine philosophy and incorporate whole food dietary guidance and lifestyle factors into treatment plans.  Our approach is to use a holistic healthcare model that uses a thorough investigative consultation history with comprehensive laboratory testing to uncover root causes of disease, imbalance and dysfunction.

Become a patient of Advanced Functional Medicine

Our Functional Medicine Practitioners available for bookings with patients in person from Perth and surrounding areas, we also consult Australia wide via telehealth with patients all over Australia and the world.  Our practitioners work from our Perth clinic of Advanced Functional Medicine located at 4 Antony St, Palmyra, Western Australia.

To become a patient of Advanced Functional Medicine:

  1. Read the section below “Advanced Functional Medicine Consultation Process”. Please ensure you are familiar with the appointment process and fee structure before booking.
  2. You can book directly online through the BOOK APPOINTMENT links on this website or feel free to contact our clinic on 1800 11 22 36.
  3. You can choose your practitioner at the time of booking and find more about each practitioner under their bio’s in the Meet the Team section.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient of Advanced Functional Medicine.

Advanced Functional Medicine Consultation Process

The way our Practitioners work with patients is somewhat different to the conventional medical model that you may be familiar with. Please read the following information to familiarise yourself with the process. There is a section at the end that details the fee structure and expected costs.
For new patients, the treatment process is broken into two phases;

  • Initial Appointment and Case Review
  • Ongoing Treatment

Please see below for detailed information on each of the two phases.

Initial appointment & case review Phase one

Step one - Initial Appointment

The initial Appointment will be your first contact with your practitioner. The appointment is designed to provide a thorough investigation into your health history, current symptoms and underlying body systems and biochemical pathway dysfunctions.  The purpose of the initial appointment is to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your health history, chief symptoms and health goals.

At the conclusion of the initial appointment you will be presented with a detailed breakdown of recommended medical testing options.  Medical testing is necessary in most cases to enable us to accurately identify underlying pathological imbalances.  We adopt the approach “test, don’t guess”.

The exact lab testing will differ among patients depending on their individual circumstances, but may include some of the following;

  • A detailed blood chemistry panel – An excellent way to get an overall snapshot of your health.  We include a range of markers to enable us to screen for multiple diseases, imbalances and deficiencies.  Common blood markers tested include thyroid, immune function, methylation, mental health and anxiety, liver, kidney, blood sugar and various types of anaemia.
  • Advanced stool testing – screens for parasites, fungal overgrowth, bacterial infections, digestive imbalances, insufficiency dysbiosis etc.
  • SIBO breath testing – specific breath test to identify small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, a condition commonly missed by many practitioners that has far reaching effects on all body systems
  • Organic Acids testing – measures 70+ different urinary metabolites including bacterial and fungal markers, neurotransmitter levels, B vitamin status, detoxification ability, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, amino acids and more
  • Urine or salivary hormone testing – assess adrenal and sex hormone status.
  • Genetic Testing – provides vital clues into biochemical pathways that are likely to be impaired due to genetic downregulation and diet, lifestyle and environmental impacts
  • Food Intolerance / Food Reactivity tests – blood tests to discover reaction with a wide variety of foods including grains and dairy
  • Advanced Hormone Testing – salivary or blood hormone and metabolite testing to assess hormone status.  Dutch hormone testing and other detailed hormone analysis available.

At the conclusion of your initial appointment, approved testing will be ordered and you will be booked in for the Case Review.  Case Review appointments are generally scheduled around 4 weeks from the initial appointment.  This enables sufficient time for lab testing to be completed and results to be received at our clinic.

Step two - Case Review

The Case Review is a 30-45 minute appointment with your practitioner.

Prior to the Case Review consultation, your practitioner will review all laboratory test results along with the case review paperwork, medical history, supplement and medications survey alongside notes from the initial appointment.

The following will be presented;

  • An explanation of the underlying body system dysfunctions that are contributing to your symptoms
  • Detailed analysis and explanation of all medical testing results
  • A comprehensive treatment protocol that can be followed, complete with a timeline, supplement requirements and diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Recommendations for further testing if necessary, (typically not required or very minimal due to the completeness and effectiveness of the case review process)

Your practitioner will answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment plan and present a full detailed treatment plan.  Following the case review, you will understand the findings of the laboratory test results and have a clear treatment path to follow with expected outcomes.

Phase two

Ongoing treatment

Once the Case Review is complete, ongoing appointments will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Typically the first appointment is scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks after the Case Review.

At the first follow-up appointment, your practitioner will assess your progress, make any necessary adjustments, review any additional test results and ensure you are on track with your treatment path.

Additional follow-up appointments are scheduled on an as-needed basis depending on the initial severity of your condition and your response to the treatment.


The Case Review is the quickest and most efficient way to establish the underlying cause of your health issues and design an effective treatment plan.  The Case Review does cost more than a standard appointment, however over the long-term will save you money as the majority of testing is done up front and assessed to formulate the treatment plan and timeline prior to commencing treatment.

Patients respond  to this approach  much faster than a more traditional process,  which is often lengthy and doesn’t provide all the answers up front.  Fees are payable at the conclusion of each appointment

The Fees structure is as follows;

Initial Consultation

Jarrod Cooper - $350
William Barnes $300 All other practitioners $250

A 30-45 minute in-person appointment with your practitioner. This appointment will be to take a full case history, understanding your presenting complaints and a detailed analysis of your medical and life history.  Laboratory test recommendations are provided and approved tests ordered at the conclusion of the Initial Appointment.  We have an onsite Clinipath pathology service at our specialist centre that can take blood and urine samples after the consultation if required.

Case Review

Jarrod Cooper & William Barnes - $495
All other practitioners - $395

A comprehensive assessment of all medical testing, presentation of all clinical findings and a detailed treatment plan including a timeline, supplementation schedule and diet and lifestyle recommendations. The fee is split into two parts, $165 for a Medical Review ($195 Jarrod & Dr Barnes) to assess your case and formulate a treatment plan, and a $230 case review consultation appointment fee ($300 Jarrod & Dr Barnes) to go through your test findings and treatment plan.

Regular Follow ups

Jarrod Cooper & William Barnes - $250
All other practitioners - $230

A 30 minute follow up appointment, your practitioner will assess your progress, make any necessary adjustments, review any additional test results and ensure you are on track with your treatment path.

Laboratory tests

Laboratory testing is required in most cases to assist in identifying pathology markers, enabling your practitioner to accurately determine treatment protocols and correct supplement dosages. The cost of the laboratory tests recommended varies from patient to patient and can range from $200 - $1500.

Typical testing is often circa $900. We will work with you to provide options that suit your expectations and financial means and can adjust the plan to stagger testing over a period of time to make it more affordable if required. The cost depends on the complexity of your condition and the level of diagnostics required.


Supplements are commonly used in treatment plans to accelerate recovery and bring about rapid positive change.  The cost of supplements varies and is often between $100 and $350 per month.  Supplementation is often heaviest in the initial treatment and phases out as we work through the treatment plan.

Grand total of case review fees & treatment

The total you may expect to pay for the case review process, including all consultations, laboratory fees and supplements for the first three months would fall between $1250 and $3000. Treatment plans are tailored to each patient and you will have the opportunity to decide on which laboratory tests you will undertake and which supplement recommendations you implement. You only pay for the testing and supplements you commit to.