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Perth holistic & natural skin treatment

Perth holistic & natural skin treatment

Perth holistic & natural skin treatment

Natural Skin Treatment Perth

Skin conditions are common ailments that affect half of all Perth residents and the people of Australian at some point in their life. Natural skin treatments are often the best way to truly recover from a skin disorder. These conditions can develop rapidly, with short term contact type reactions that usually resolve within a week or two.

However, many individuals suffer from long term chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, which greatly affect a sufferers quality of life, confidence and mental state.

Chronic Skin Conditions

  • Eczema – There are various types of eczema with most presenting with scaly and itchy skin that develops due to irritants, allergens and/or an imbalanced gut, lymphatic system and detoxification pathways
  • Acne – A condition caused by increased sebum production, usually affecting large sebaceous gland areas such as the face and back.
  • Psoriasis – An autoimmune condition that triggers an overproduction of skin cells causing a scaly appearance, most commonly on the elbows, knees and scalp.
  • Rosacea – A chronic acne-type appearance of pimples on the face that is accompanied by a red butterfly-shaped rash on the face over the cheeks and nose.

Natural Treatment of Skin Conditions

Chronic skin conditions require a comprehensive assessment of multiple systems of the body. Topical treatments will only address symptoms and not the root cause, while many conventional medicines such as Accutane have numerous nasty side effects. Addressing the underlying pathological changes in gut function and the hormone axis are vital in resolving such conditions.

Gut Function and Skin Conditions

The gut is heavily linked to the integumentary system. Bacterial infections such as the gut, parasites, low beneficial bacteria, poor digestion and intestinal permeability are all factors that drive such conditions. A lowered immune system, food intolerances, undigested foods as well as large protein molecules escaping into the bloodstream manifest in conditions. These imbalances need investigating and correcting to truly recover from long term chronic disorders.

Hormonal imbalances that contribute to acne

Hormonal system imbalance is another key reason why some people manifest skin conditions. An imbalance with progesterone and estrogen, which results in high progesterone mid-cycle. Further, it causes increased sebum production resulting in acne.

Excessive testosterone in both men and women is another factor which can cause acne and also contributes to psoriasis.

Functional Medicine and your Skin

A functional medicine approach addresses the underlying further resulting in healing from the inside out. At our Perth clinic of Advanced Functional Medicine, we have extensive experience with chronic skin conditions.

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Jarrod Cooper – ND

Jarrod Cooper – ND

Jarrod Cooper - ND is the founder of Advanced Functional Medicine Australia. He is a Naturopathic Doctor with extensive functional medicine training from leading practitioners in the USA and worldwide.

He is leading the way with advancements of functional medicine, clinically implementing worldwide best practices in Functional Medicine throughout Australia.

Jarrod consults in person from Perth, Western Australia and also online via Telehealth throughout Australia and worldwide.

If you are looking for personalised treatment, we highly recommend contacting Jarrod Cooper’s Advanced Functional Medicine clinic in Australia.

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