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Is Leaky Gut Syndrome a real condition?

Is Leaky Gut Syndrome a real condition?

Leaky gut syndrome, also known as increased intestinal permeability or hyperpermeability, is a digestive condition in which bacteria and toxins leak through the intestinal wall. Some mainstream medical professionals do not recognize leaky gut as a real condition. There is, however, mounting evidence to demonstrate leaky gut exists and causes multiple health problems, including autoimmune…

Nutritional Psychiatry – Recover from Mental Health conditions by balancing your brain chemistry with nutrient therapy and improved diet

Nutritional Psychiatry –  Recover from Mental Health conditions by balancing your brain chemistry with nutrient therapy and improved diet

Nutritional psychiatry is an emerging field that achieves outstanding results in improving and resolving mental health conditions. Most of us can easily understand the connection between nutritional deficiencies and physical illness. Many people, however, are unaware of the impact nutrition has on mental health. Nutritional psychiatry is an emerging discipline shedding light on the fact…

The impact fast food has on gut health and how it depletes good gut bacteria

The impact fast food has on gut health and how it depletes good gut bacteria

Processed foods, preservatives and food additives harm our gut microbiome. Understand how fast food impacts your gut health, immunity and overall wellbeing.

Necessary nutrients to maintain normal thyroid function and treat hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

Necessary nutrients to maintain normal thyroid function and treat hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

There are four key nutrients required to maintain a healthy thyroid and avoid both hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism – iodine, zinc, tyrosine selenium. But how do you know if you are getting all these nutrients in sufficient quantities or avoiding those nutrients that exacerbate your thyroid condition? If you are one of the many Australians who…

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"I was in a frustrated place with my health when I seeked out further help with Advanced Functional Medicine, after working with a Naturopath for a while I couldn’t get the answers, I believed there was something deeper going on. I loved the holistic approach Jarrod took in assessing my health and after a consultation and a few tests, he revealed to me the root cause of many of my health problems. Since then I haven’t looked back and am now on the journey of healing, it has been a transformational experience."



"My daughter has suffered from anxiety since early childhood.  Although she was prescribed medication to address her symptoms, I was compelled to find a holistic alternative to get to the “cause" of those symptoms.   After much research, I found Jarrod who is experienced in treating mood and anxiety disorders.  Since our initial consultation with Jarrod, he has targeted the underlying causes of my daughter’s condition and has prescribed a treatment protocol that has improved my daughter’s health and well-being in so many ways"



"Jarrod is a highly intelligent practitioner who provides professional service and treatment to all his patients. Since seeing Jarrod and following his treatment I have felt the best I have in a long time.  My moods are no longer controlling my life.  I look forward to continuing my recovery from anxiety, depression and OCD with Jarrod and encourage others to try this path."



"After a long search for a Naturopathic Doctor in Perth I was recommended Jarrod by a few different people. After securing a booking I met with Jarrod. I found him to be the most genuine, down to earth doctor I have seen. He conducted thorough testing and subsequently treated me for a parasite in my gut and for my anxiety. The outcome has been nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend Jarrod if you are looking for a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctor in Perth."



"After struggling with my health for a number of years, I found Jarrod through his knowledge and expertise in MTHFR and genetic testing. I have been searching for answers in regards to my long standing anxiety, depression and energy issues. Jarrod conducted some testing and identified key areas where my methylation pathways were breaking down. Shortly into the treatment plan I had a shift and it was like a veil had been lifted from me, my anxiety was gone, energy was up and I felt happy and positive for the first time in a long while. Thank you so much Jarrod."



"I have been suffering from a multitude of symptoms for many years. After reading an article I suspected that I may have Pyrrole disorder. I did some further research and booked an appointment with Jarrod at his Perth clinic. Jarrod arranged pyrrole testing along with a few other tests. The pyrrole test came back positive and I have been working with Jarrod and his natural medicine treatments for the past 6 months. All I can say is that my life has completely turned around, I am back working full time and enjoying life again!! If you are looking for a Perth based Naturopath Doctor I would not hesitate to recommend Jarrod."



"I went to see Jarrod through a recommendation from a friend. My health had slowly declined over the past couple of years and I wasn’t getting the answer I was after from the doctors and practitioners I had seen. I booked to see Jarrod, within about 15 minutes of questioning Jarrod advised me that my “gut health” is likely at the root cause of my fatigue, bloating and hormone issues. He explained everything very well and was extremely helpful. After some testing and following the treatment path I am finally feeling like myself again. If you are searching for an integrative medicine practitioner in Perth I would encourage you to contact Jarrod."


What is Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a science-based whole systems approach to healthcare that treats the body as a whole. Rather than just treating symptoms, we investigate the underlying causes of your disease and correct these imbalances. This approach addresses the problem at the root cause, meaning the problem is resolved, instead of being masked by a medication or supplement.

To find out more about how I will uncover what is driving your symptoms or disease state, please click here.

The Advanced Functional Medicine Process

Your Case History

We listen to your story and build a comprehensive case on both your current symptoms and full life history. We work with you to investigate your underlying causes of disease and imbalances

Advanced Functional Testing

We venture further than standard lab testing, with our Advanced Functional Testing capabilities allowing us to thoroughly investigate. Often there are multiple areas of your body that are not functioning correctly which contribute to your condition.

Targeted treatment protocol

With the information obtained from your initial consultation, lab testing and case review, we will provide a targeted and specific treatment protocol with a timeline to get your body back to optimal condition using supplements, herbal medicine and diet & lifestyle measures.

Ongoing Support

We will be there to guide you through your treatment protocol and timeline as much as required. Some patients don’t need a lot of ongoing support after their initial treatment protocol, while others require regular check-ins. We have a dedicated online patient portal that allows questions, updates and messages to be delivered securely 24/7.

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