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Medical Testing

At our Perth clinic we perform a range of functional laboratory testing with the majority of our patients.

Targeted functional medical testing allows us to uncover the factors driving disease.

We source the most reliable testing from leading laboratories located all over the world to bring you the latest in advanced functional medicine testing.

At our Perth clinic of Advanced Functional Medicine we provide a vast array of functional testing that covers all disease states.

We recommend testing to most of our patients as it allows us to discover underlying pathogenic and biochemical marker imbalances that give great insight into the cause of dysfunction.

Our clinic has partnerships with a range of specialised laboratories through Australia, USA and Europe providing you with the most up to date and accurate testing methodologies and procedures worldwide.

We regularly test a variety of blood, stool, saliva, breath and urine samples to obtain specific and targeted patient information.

Below are further details of our most common functional medicine tests we perform.

GI Map Stool Test

SIBO Breath Test

Organic Acids Test (OAT Test)

Food Sensitivity, Intolerance & Allergy Testing

MTHFR & Genetic Testing

Lyme Disease Testing

Extensive Thyroid Testing

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel

Dutch Hormone Testing