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Medical Testing

Advanced Medical Testing is accessible to all patients across Australia, whether your appointment is in person or via telehealth.

We are linked electronically with all major Medical Testing labs in Australia.

Testing results and requisition forms are electronically delivered to you via your secure patient portal

At our clinic of Advanced Functional Medicine we provide a vast array of functional testing that covers all disease states.  We offer all testing options to every patient whether in person or via telehealth, no matter where you are in Australia.

We are linked with all major Medical testing laboratories across Australia and provide test results that are delivered electronically to you through our secure online patient portal.

Our Advanced Testing allows our patients to discover underlying pathogenic and biochemical marker imbalances that give great insight into the cause of dysfunction.

Advanced Functional Medicine has partnerships with a range of leading functional laboratories through Australia, USA and Europe, providing you with the most up to date and accurate testing methodologies and procedures worldwide.

Our most common tests include samples of blood, stool, saliva, breath and urine to obtain specific and targeted patient information.

Below are further details of our most common functional medicine tests we perform.