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Weight Loss: A Functional Medicine Approach

Weight Loss: A Functional Medicine Approach

March 30 2023 By Jarrod Category: Nutrition & Lifestyle Support,

Significant numbers of people have difficulty losing weight when they don’t have a plan to follow or advice from an expert. A Functional Medicine health practitioner will work with you to look for the root causes(s) of weight gain and offer you a path to weight loss that is designed especially for you. The figures…

MTHFR: Genetic mutation may be an underlying cause of weight gain or prevent weight loss

How the MTHFR genetic mutation could be contributing to weight gain or stopping your weight loss attempt If you have an MTHFR genetic mutation you may be experiencing a number of different symptoms, including ineffective weight loss. Other symptoms include chronic fatigue, histamine intolerance, chronic pain, mental health disorders, amongst many others which vary in…