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Clearance of Klebsiella bacteria and its symptoms

Clearance of Klebsiella bacteria and its symptoms

  Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae) are bacteria that normally live in your intestines and faeces. They are harmless when they’re in your intestines but if they spread to another part of your body, they can cause severe infections.  If your immune system is weakened or you have been using antibiotics for a long while, you…

What is Functional Medicine? Your questions answered

May 04 2020 By Jarrod Cooper Category: Frequently Asked Questions,

What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine, (also known as Integrative Medicine, Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine), is an integrative, science-based approach to health care with a focus on patient-centred care.  It provides alternative therapies by blending natural medicine and the latest scientific research to address the underlying causes of disease. Rather than…