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Taking care of your eyes naturally

Taking care of your eyes naturally

October 10 2022 By Jarrod Category: Nutrition & Lifestyle Support,

For the most part, we accept what’s handed to us genetically when it comes to our eyesight and the health of eyes. But are there some ways we can promote good eye health through a healthy diet, better lifestyle choices and some supportive supplements? The answer is yes! Common eye conditions The four most common…

Autoimmune disease protocol diet (AIP) and how nutrition and gut health can assist with symptoms

January 02 2020 By Jarrod Category: Autoimmune Disorders, Immune system,

In contemporary society, more and more people are finding that underlying their chronic health conditions is an autoimmune disease and impaired gut health.  There are strong links between Autoimmune disease and Gut Health. Autoimmune diseases have a strong link to the state of our gut health. With a Functional Medicine approach, you can learn how…