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Cherie Carter

Cherie carter

About - Cherie Carter

Cherie is a Nurse Practitioner & Functional Medicine Practitioner.

She specialises in a number of key areas including Women's Health and Children & Community Health.

Cherie has extensive knowledge, qualifications, education and experience from working over 38 years throughout the public health system in Australia - across the whole life spectrum and more recently in integrative and functional medicine.

Cherie Carter – NP
Nurse Practitioner, Midwife and Functional Medicine Practitioner

My name is Cherie Carter and I am a Nurse Practitioner and Functional Medicine Practitioner.
I specialise in the treatment of women's health and a range of other functional areas.

I have worked in various speciality areas, such as cardiothoracic surgery / ICU, midwifery, primary / community health, remote/rural health & in the past 10 years metropolitan hospital emergency departments and Integrative and Functional Medicine.

After working & living (20+ years) in remote / rural locations and lately 10 years in metropolitan emergency departments I knew there had to be a better way of providing health services caring for many patients with chronic diseases and conditions

Thus, I developed a strong interest in integrative / functional medicine and completed studies through the Australian College of Nutritional Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). I have continued to be mentored in functional medicine and have implemented these functional medicine practices within my clinic setting.

My Health Story

Since the birth of my first child 30 years ago, I struggled with weight gain, joint aches/pains, gut issues & fatigue.

In 2017 I ended up having complicated bariatric surgery. Recovery for me required extensive guidance & coaching from Nutritionists, Physiotherapist’s, Lifestyle coaching and mentors over 4 years.

I had issues with my body, my self esteem, mood swings, eating/ drinking in a social setting, appropriate physical exercise and without all the direction & assistance I received (outside of traditional western medicine) I don’t believe my life & health would be as good as it is now.

I am passionate about Functional Medicine and love working in this field and helping my patients overcome chronic illness and dysfunction.