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Jarrod Cooper - ND

Functional Medicine Brisbane

Discover the real reasons that are causing your health problems

Brisbane Integrative & Functional Medicine clinic

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Meet the Australian Advanced Functional Medicine Team

Jarrod and the team work together on all cases during the Medical Review stage and as required throughout the patient journey. 

Both In Person and Telehealth appointments are available.  Telehealth patients across Australia have access to the same resources and testing options as face to face patients. 

We are electronically linked with all major Medical Testing Labs across Australia.  All appointments are conducted through a secure medical link, no need to download any software with access available from your smartphone or PC. 

To manage all aspects of your healthcare journey, patients have access to our secure Patient Portal.  Medical test results can be viewed in the portal when complete.  Patients also have the ability to direct message their practitioner or admin staff and upload previous test results for practitioner review.

New technology and laboratory integration has made the highest level of healthcare available to everyone, no matter where you live.

Meet Jarrod

Jarrod is a Degree qualified Naturopathic Doctor & Functional Medicine Practitioner.

He specialises in a number of key areas including Gut Health, MTHFR & Genetic Testing, Mental Health and Thyroid Disorders.

He has been mentored by some of the best minds in functional medicine in the world and is passionate about natural medicine and helping others.

Meet Shiree

Shiree is a Nurse Practitioner & Functional Medicine Practitioner.

She specialises in a number of key areas including Women's Health, Hormones, Skin Conditions, Gut health, Fatigue and Sleep issues and Autoimmune Disease.

Being a Nurse practitioner allows Shiree’s in person patients to claim Medicare rebates on her consultation fees.

Meet Milva

Milva is a degree qualified Functional & Nutritional Medicine Practitioner.

She specialises in a number of key areas including Autoimmune Disorders, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Parasites, Gut Health,  Dementia & Aging, Fatigue, Inflammation and Chronic Disease in general .

Milva has been trained by some of the best Integrative GP's and Functional Medicine professionals in both Australia and the the USA.

Brisbane Testimonials

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"I first came to see Jarrod for my ongoing ADHD and anxiety issues from the advice of my mother.  I was a bit sceptical at first and had got used to feeling the way I did.   Being in Brisbane I consulted Jarrod via telehealth.  I’ve just been reviewing the first couple of weeks after starting treatment and I am amazed by the many changes that have occurred already.  I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in as long as I can remember and look forward to continuing my treatment."


Shot of a young mother hanging outside with her son and daughter

"Wow, what a journey so far.  I am truly amazed at how good my health is right now after working with Jarrod at Advanced Functional Medicine.  It has improved beyond my expectations in so many ways.  All these small niggly health issues have fallen away.  My energy is great, my rosacea has cleared, my gut and bowels have never been better, my mood is positive and my brain is clear.  I should have done this many years ago."


A multiethnic group of friends embrace and smile toward the camera. They're lined up loosely and desert vegetation and sagebrush are in the background.

"I’m glad I came when I did…  I came wanting some testing for my IBS and gut health issues that I had been experiencing for a while.  After a telehealth consultation from Brisbane we tested not only my gut and SIBO but also a number of blood markers that Jarrod felt may be causing some of my associated symptoms such as fatigue, low mood and a problem regulating my body temperature.  We found that my thyroid was underactive and I had a large number of autoimmune antibodies attacking my thyroid.  I have the beginnings of Hashimoto’s disease.  I was even told less than a month earlier from my doctor / GP that my thyroid was fine.  I’ve started treatment and already began to improve."


Photo of portrait business women  in the office

"My health has not been great for a number of years.  I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, had chronic pain and long term sleep issues and major problems with my gut health and food intolerances.  I have seen many doctors, naturopaths, integrative GP’s and I wasn’t ever able to properly get on top of my health.  Jarrod conducted quite extensive testing and formulate a concise plan to target what he considered the underlying causes of my health problems.  Well he must have found them because the transformation I have felt after only 2 months has been amazing.  I look forward to continuing with Jarrod and Advanced Functional Medicine."


Portrait of confident female entrepreneur standing with hand on hip while holding digital tablet at creative office

"Jarrod at Advanced Functional Medicine was able to improve my eczema related skin condition and fix my ongoing hormone issues.  I have been putting up with eczema for most of my life, with many flare-ups and sensitive skin.   Many things would cause it to set off, including the changes in the Brisbane weather.  After the first few months of treatment my skin finally feels like it is not reactive and my cycle is more regular than ever and no longer troublesome."


What is Functional Medicine? Brisbane clinic - Telehealth Australia wide

Functional Medicine is a systems biochemistry–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease, rather than just prescribing medicines and surgery to mask symptoms. In conventional medicine, symptoms may be treated at a surface level, without investigation into the many factors that may be causing your illness.

At Advanced Functional Medicine Brisbane, we conduct a thorough diagnosis with science-based consultation and testing to determine the best treatment to return you to optimal health.

Functional Medicine is highly personalized and often includes a detailed analysis of your genetic makeup. It integrates traditional medical practices with natural medicine, creating a focus on restoring balance to the body.  Functional Medicine also has a strong focus on illness prevention through nutrition, diet and exercise. At our Brisbane clinic, we use the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques, prescribe combinations of herbal / botanical medicines, targeted supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs or stress management techniques.

Many serious health conditions are on the rise in our communities; more and more people are suffering unnecessarily with illnesses that limit their ability to enjoy their lives. Our clinicians successfully treat many patients with illnesses ranging in severity from mild to chronic. We are experts in a range of areas, including gut health, skin disorders, mental health issues, MTHFR, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders, as well as issues specific to men and women’s health.

To find out more about our Functional Medicine clinic in Brisbane and how Jarrod will uncover what is driving your symptoms or disease state, please click here to make a telehealth appointment. 

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