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SIBO Breath test (small Intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

The SIBO breath test is available in perth and Australia wide, it is an in-home 2-3hr breath test in order to measure hydrogen and methane gas levels.  Physicians take a breath sample after every 20-30 minutes.  The test accurately diagnoses bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine through measuring the gas levels that these bacteria produce.  It is a condition that cannot be diagnosed with a stool test and is estimated to affect 25-40% of the population.

The SIBO test is an excellent test to perform alongside the GI Mapping or CDSA stool test in order to get a comprehensive assessment of the full gastrointestinal tract.

It is the single largest cause of IBS type symptoms. Digestive symptoms such as DiarrhoeaConstipation, bloating, excess gasfood sensitivitiesIrritable bowel disease and cramping come in this category.

SIBO is also accountable for many other health conditions and contributes to seemingly unrelated symptoms such as acneanxietydepressionhypothyroidism, brain fog and fatigue.

For more information, check out my article on SIBO


Thinking it may be contributing to your health problems?  It is a common problem that often goes undetected for many years.

SIBO can contribute to many adverse health symptoms including fatigue, bloating, low mood, skin disorders and much more.  SIBO affects the way we digest and absorb our nutrients, over a longer period of time it will be a strong underlying cause of many health issues due to nutrient depletion and put gut function.  Our Functional Medicine Practitioners are experts in testing and treating SIBO and have treated 1000's of patients across Australia and worldwide.


SIBO Breath Test Pricing

The 3hr recommended SIBO breath test cost is $240 + $20 to cover post to and from the lab.

To order a SIBO breath test, please contact our clinic.

It is advisable to have an initial appointment with one of our practitioners prior to ordering any testing to determine the right level of testing required.  There may be different or additional testing suggestion on the basis of your presenting symptoms as well as health concerns.