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Emma Judges


About - Emma Judges

She specializes in helping clients achieve their ideal self by exploring needs and wants, building healthy habits, setting goals, recognizing strengths and values, assisting with accountability and finding value in investing in their health.

Emma is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach through the Kresser Institute in the USA, a member of HCANZA and the IOC (Harvard Medical School Affiliate).

JEmma Judges - A-CFHC
ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach

My passion for health and wellness was planted in my childhood days with ballet, cross country running, swimming, surfing and rowing.

After University, I embarked on a 20 year world journey in project management, visiting over 35 countries. 80hr+ work weeks were my normal and I loved them. During this time, I witnessed many different cultures, observing how they lived, what they ate and how they achieved their version of health, happiness and longevity.

After going through a couple of emergency ‘fork in the road’ type health events, including an ICU stay, a blood transfusion and a significant back injury due to fatigue, the VALUE of health was rammed home to me. Projecting forward, I didn’t need to be an athlete, but I wanted to be strong, energetic and available to myself and to those around me. I needed to find the best “Return On Investment” for the time and effort I was putting into my health.

My pursuit of living well has morphed into wanting to understand what is now referred to as ‘health span’ – not ‘life span’. How can I continue to live well, for as long as I can? And how can I help others in this objective? This led me to Functional Medicine. The science of discovering the root cause of disease, as opposed to just dealing with the symptom. A Functional Medicine system addresses the 4 pillars of health – Movement, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindfulness – to create a holistic approach to wellness. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for conventional medicine, it’s just a matter of finding the best combination for your body and mind.

Through Functional Medicine Health Coaching, I will help you find a better work-life balance. I understand the demands of work, the demands of family and trying to balance it all. I will help you gain more energy, with better sleepnutrition and movement, while reducing stress.  Find your optimal ROI through coaching with me. Why not experience growth in your WELLth?